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Accomodation Details

For complete learning of yoga, the atmosphere of the place of learning must be calm, natural, and spiritual. The accommodation facility for yoga students is one of the major factors that must be considered for the true learning of yoga. Keeping this in mind, Hrishikesh Human Touch fabricates the accommodation facilities in the best possible manner. Our accommodation facility is in the lap of the naturalistic environment of Rishikesh. Rooms and yoga halls are full of serenity and spirituality that is ample to energize the soul and body for the yogic workouts. We always try to maintain the bond of our students with Mother Nature so that they can be more focused during the yogic workouts. Our residential facilities are away from the hectic, noisy, and busy city life. The astonishing view of the great Himalayan range and the energy of the sun that touches your rooms will help in activating your energy cells. This led you to practice and learn yoga in a profound manner.

Facilities at Hrishikesh Human Touch

We as one of the best yoga schools in India always facilities our yoga students with the modern amenities along with the traditional touch. Our rooms are neat, clean, and spacious with the majestic view of nature all around. The rooms are fitted with amenities such as hot water supply, Free Wi-Fi, backup of electricity, laundry & cleaning services, CCTV cameras, study table, neat & clean bed sheets, and blankets. Hrishikesh Human touch provides the room on a private as well as a sharing basis. We try to make a perfect combination of modern amenities along with the traditional touch to make you feel like a home. Our rooms are equipped with comfortable and cozy beddings for proper relaxation to get yourself prepared from the yogic workouts.

Food - Yogic Diet

A yogic diet is the most important fact that must be considered in the proper learning of yoga. A yoga diet supplies the vital form of energy necessary for the heavy workouts during the Yoga TTC. During the detoxication of the body in the entire yoga session, a fat-free diet must be followed by the yogi. A diet full of nutrition and minerals is always the key to the optimum learning of yoga. Hrishikesh Human Touch believes in fresh, organic, and sattvic diet. All our food items are prepared onsite with fresh vegetables only. We provide our students with herbal tea and fresh fruit juices to keep them energize and hydrated. According to Hrishikesh Human Touch, a healthy yogic diet must include the following points.

The yogic diet must be Satvic

According to the Ayurvedic and Yogic philosophy, Raja, Tama, and Sattva are the three quality or gunas that are present in nature in various amounts. Rajasic foods are dry, spicy, salty, bitter, and hot while the Tamasic foods include tobacco, meat, onions, fermented foods, and alcohol. A sattvic diet is the purest of all as it maintains a serene state of mind. Thus, sattvic food enhances the efficiency of the science of yoga. It includes milk, nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc.

A vegetarian diet is the necessity of Yoga

Non-vegetarian food is a stockpile of uric acid and other toxins that can lead to cancer or arthritis. Also, the presence of uric acid creates hindrance in achieving the meditative state because of the irritation that is been created in the stream of blood by uric acid. The vegetarian yogic diet that includes leafy green, nuts, dairy products, and legumes is a rich source of protein and does not produce uric acid or other toxins inside our body.

Free from Chemicals

A yogic diet must be free from Glutten and other chemicals substances. It must avoid tobacco, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol as these substances can hamper the meditation process.

Contains Fresh food and Vegetable

A yogic diet must be prepared from fresh vegetables only. Pre-prepared food items, leftover food items, Packed or frozen food items must be avoided during the preparation of healthy yogic meals. We only serve fresh fruit juices to keep our students hydrated.

Must be served at regular intervals

A proper time schedule must be defined for serving the meal during your yoga practicing classes. A gap of at least two hours must be maintained the food serving and sleep or practice timings. As the meals serving timings are steady and regular, the body function timings will be optimum. Proper timing for digestion before sleep must be given to keep the clarity of thought and mind.

Prayer before meals

Yoga and Spirituality is an interconnected chain, as to learn yoga in its virgin form spiritually must be practiced. Thanking the almighty God for the meals you get everyone is one of the good practice that helps in connecting your inner soul to the supreme power of the world.