Wanna be a Yoga Teacher ?

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga, as we all know, is the finest and perfect way to maintain your overall health. Sometimes peoples link yoga with physical health only. But yoga apart from physical benefits is having tremendous mental and spiritual benefits also. As modern life gets hectic and busy, the need for the spanking way to rejuvenate yourself increases. Thus we can see a lot of yoga schools, ashrams, and studios are opening in our neighborhood. But the necessity of optimum learning of yoga and soaking its benefits not only limits to the yogic facilities available in schools, studios, or ashrams. If you wish to soak the benefits of this art of health & wellness, you need to have a good yoga teacher who can guide you on the divine path of yoga. Yoga is thus the hottest option for career selection among the yoga freaks. Irrespective of
gender, age, and nationality, people now looking forward to becoming a skilled and qualified Yoga Teacher. The reason behind this allurement is that from the path of yoga one can gain money as well as health. It also imparts mental stability and relaxation. So, the questions that most of the yoga aspirants have in their minds is, “What’s the first step towards the Yoga teacher?”, “Am I capable of becoming a good Yoga Teacher?”, and
“From where I can start my Yoga career and get the relevant experience?”.
The answer to the questions is “200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course“.

200 Hours Yoga TTC – A Kick start to your Yoga career

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is the beginner level yoga course certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. This is 28 days of yoga course that includes practicing, understanding and learning of the basic concepts of Yoga. If you want to become a certified Yoga Teacher who wants to teach in any part of the world, you must be a certified 200 Hours Yoga Teacher. For all yoga freaks who wants to become a yoga teacher can start their career with this beginner-level yoga training course. If you are unable to complete 200
Hours Yoga TTC in a single frame, Yoga Alliance provides you with an option to complete this training course in two parts. Yes! You can complete 14 days or 100 Hours Yoga TTC and come back again to complete another 100 Hours TTC. This also certified you as a yoga teacher. Also, one can join 200 Hours Yoga TTC for health benefits too. This course will increase your affection and attraction to the art of yoga. 200 Hours Yoga TTC includes the
various modules such as Yoga Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy and Meditation, practicing and learning basic Yoga Asana and its alignment, body cleansing, Pranayama, and history of Yoga.

Why 200 Hours is considered as the first step towards your yoga

During your 200 Hours Yoga course, you are considered as the beginner level yoga students and this course will help in forging the strongest foundation of yogic knowledge It enriches your roots with the benefits and skills of yoga. This course is not only about practicing yoga, but you will learn about yoga poses, their correct execution methodology, and the related benefits of specific Asana. During your two hours of daily yoga practice, you will come to know about the correct mechanics of the various yoga postures. Apart from gaining expertise in the Yoga Asana, this course will also improve your strength and stamina. This in turns will provide you with good physical health with the mental benefits. This beginner-level yoga training will make you learn and understand about the Physiology and anatomy. The various benefits of the Yoga pose are discussed in detail
with contraindications. You will learn about human anatomy and the beneficial effects of yoga and focusing on yoga posture alignment also. This module consists of the learning of the safe practice of yoga so that you would not injure yourself while practicing asana. Your first interaction with Pranayama or Breathing Techniques and its effect on your mind and soul is been taught during the course. It will help you in learning and practicing
the correct ways to practice Pranayama. As a beginner, you will come to know about the Philosophical aspects of yoga in this course. You will know the basics of yoga that Yoga is based on Patanjali’s Eight Limbs. This includes the questions based on the perspective of life you can see after the training and the changes that you can expect from the art of yoga.
This module will help you in understanding the true meaning of Yoga.
200 Hours Yoga TTC will make you dip in the ocean of Yoga. This course will teach you the class conducting techniques and the practical section makes you build the confidence of teaching yoga to others. Thus, you will be able to pass on the benefits of Yoga to others also.

So enroll yourself in 200 Hours Yoga TTC for understanding the
factual meaning of Yoga!!!